Event Date

June 20, 2020

Our Mission

The Festival of Hope is a grass roots fundraising event organized by volunteers committed to assist area cancer patients during the treatment.  

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 Butterflies & Wall of Hope 

According to an American Indian Legend, if anyone desires a wish to come true, they must first capture a butterfly and whisper that wish to it.  Since a butterfly can make no sound, the butterfly cannot reveal the wish to anyone but the Great Spirit who hears and sees all.  In gratitude for giving the beautiful butterfly its freedom, the Great Spirit always grants the wish.  So, according to the legend, by making a wish and then giving the butterfly its freedom, the wish will be taken to the heavens.


Recognize a loved one!


Recognize a cancer survivor or a loved one lost to cancer with a donation to the Wall of Hope. 

A $10.00 donation provides one square foot of space for photos, poems or other memorabilia and a symbolic butterfly. (For on-line butterfly requests an additional $1.00 will be added)  

During the day-long event in June, all those honored will be announced and a live butterfly release will follow.


We invite you to.....

....bring in your own photos, poems and other memorabilia for the Wall of Hope (at the Mitchell Events Center) on  June 20, 2020,  to decorate the square of your survivor/loved one.   

(If desired, you may take decorations at the end of Festival of Hope)

Donate ONLINE or click Here to download the printable version of the butterfly form and mailing information.


 Online purchase of Butterflies will open April of 2020

We Encourage Butterflies to be purchased prior to our event, but we welcome the purchase the day of our event!


To make a donation by MAIL,

Please click here for the printable version of the butterfly donation form and mailing information.



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